Small-sized solutions for big performances

This is the catchphrase promoted by the company based in Padua and specialized in the moulding of small metal parts to be used in the clothing and accessories sectors. An industrial cooperative, widely acknowledged as a trustworthy partner by an international customers that pays special attention to details, whose solutions enhance fashion collections.

More than 300 customers including wholesalers, manufacturers of complementary items, factories, clothing, jeans as well as footwear brands: they all rely on the quality and precision of the creations designed by Minucoop in order to give life to their collections. The comprehensive selection in terms of products is guaranteed by a high automation level and advanced machinery: the majority of the resources of the company has been invested in production facilities and equipment.

Currently, the headquarters located in Cornegliana (in the town Due Carrare, near Padua) hosts more than forty skilled business associates/employees working on a surface amounting to 17,000 square meters (out of which 7,000 indoor) owned by the cooperative.
The small metal parts are manufactured thanks to the peculiar technique called cold drawing through specific moulds assembled within the company itself. Minucoop uses only certified Italian galvanic treatments and, beyond the standard catalogue, the company can also provide peoducts in a short time, available either in custom-made sizes or featuring personalized finishes.




The company is equipped with:

  • a technical design and customization office for each article;
  • a mechanical workshop with modern machine tools at C.N.C. and a laser marking with which it is possible to realize in a short time any type of marking and engraving even on request of the customer;
  • a park of 30 mechanical press of various tonnage at high speed;
  • equipment for washing and cleaning of articles;
  • a large assembly unit with over 60 machines in our development, equipped with the most modern control and safety devices;
  • an important scores warehouse or both raw and semi-finished, ready to be quickly finished on orders;
  • commercial and administrative offices and order development, allow 50% of orders to be processed within 16 working hours;

The company model recognizes the employees as a primary and vital development, both in their own professional affirmation and the projection of the company’s future, which is owned by all members workers.

Surface clothing

The best of galvanic treatments made in Italy

Minucoop uses only certified galvanic materials in order to offer quality, reliability and a wide range of products.
In addition to standard production, the company offers custom made items, available in various sizes and finishing, with short delivery times and always manufactured with outstanding accuracy.

Surface clothing
Surface clothing
Surface clothing


Small metal parts for clothing and footwear

We make buttons, eyelets and rivets for the fashion and footwear sector, among our products you can find:

  • small metal parts for clothing
  • self piercing rivets for clothing
  • small metal parts for costume jewelery
  • small metal parts for footwear
  • small metal parts for jeans
  • jeans rivets supply
  • buttons for jeans
  • eyelets for jeans
  • rivets for jeans